Building A Desk with ACE Hardware

A few weeks ago I took on the challenge of rebuilding a new desk for my room through a partnership with ACE Hardware to try out their curbside pickup and delivery options. It was perfect timing with Work-From-Home, and a major upgrade from what I had been using.

Sketching Out The Design:

I drew out my design on the back of some paper plates and measured it to fit the space between my bed and window. I used Harper's dog crate as the corner leg of the desk to save space too. Once I picked up my materials, having a drawing to show exactly how many boards to cut and what size to cut each to helped keep me organized.

I used the Milwaukee Cordless Circular Saw and the Milwaukee Power Drill to cut and assemble the pieces.

Before and After:

I've updated some of the decor in the final "after" photo - it took me a while to find a chair I liked and a layout that made sense for the computers. Harper enjoys having her crate under the desk because she can lay in it and keep me company while I work. Partnering with ACE Hardware made building this desk an easy and fun experience that has made working from home much more enjoyable.

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