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Denver to Durango | 2018


After hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, I returned to Denver, Colorado, and began working as a front end developer. Many people talk about the "post-trail depression" that can occur after a long-distance hike, and I decided that if I had a long-distance trail to focus my free time on, that it might not hit as hard. In January, 2018, I departed on what would be an endless amount of weekend section hikes, tackling the Colorado Trail segment by segment. The Colorado Trail is 485 miles, stretching from Denver, Colorado, to Durango, Colorado. Due to snow constraints, I had to wait until June to begin Segment 6 (Kenosha Pass). I spent nearly every weekend that summer on the trail with my ex-boyfriend and his dog, and we struggled a lot pushing ourselves to make the miles we needed without jeopardizing returning to our desks on time each Monday morning. In the end, were able to make it 400 miles to Silverton, Colorado (Stony Pass), before the winter snow came and prevented us from continuing further. If you would like to follow along with this hike, feel free to check out the trail vlogs below!


Backpacker Radio

Interview with Bill Manning

In episode 27 of Backpacker Radio we sit down with Bill Manning, the executive director of the Colorado Trail Foundation. He fills us in on the history of the trail, as well as its future, and the importance and need for trail maintainers.